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AGE GROUP: Please select your age group from the 
choices shown below.
WHY DO WE ASK THIS? Knowing your age range gives us a general idea of where you might be in your journey, and which precious metals company could be the best fit for you.

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EXISTING INVESTMENTS: Which of the following comes closest to describing your existing investments?
401k, IRA or Similar
401k / IRA and Paper Assets (Shares, Bonds etc)
401k / IRA, Paper and Real Assets (such as Real Estate)
WHY DO WE ASK THIS? This gives us an approximate idea of your retirement setup, as well as preferences and asset diversity.

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STATE OF THE UNION: Is your retirement account or investment portfolio up or down this year?
N/A - I'm new to investing
WHY DO WE ASK THIS? The current economic climate has been tough for many folks, and it helps us to know if you've been affected.

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PRECIOUS METALS EXPERIENCE: Have you ever invested in precious metals before?
Yes - very experienced
No - no experience
A little - I own a few coins
Paper Gold - I've invested in a Gold ETF
WHY DO WE ASK THIS? This question helps determine if you may benefit from educational materials about adding physical precious metals to your retirement account.

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CURRENT INVESTMENTS: What is the approximate value of your total current investments? Please don’t include your home.
$0 – $24,999
$25,000 – $99,999
$100,000 – $249,999
WHY DO WE ASK THIS? Your current investment level can suggest room for experimentation or scope for diversification.
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